Fashion Illustration: Weekend Vibin'


SGPFashionIllustration: Weekend Vibin' (29/08/2020)

"Cheers To The Freaking Weekend!"

Day 4/30, it's Saturday today and also the start of the weekend. I love weekends - the vibe, the markets, the events and just having time to not work. Ironically, I woke up early to finish this post because I dedicated to 30 days and 30 days I shall do! But once I finished, Saturday was treated right! 

This post took me an hour and five minutes to complete. I got caught up with getting the glasses, jacket patterns and skirt right. Wanted to push myself and create textures - trickier than I thought but the end result, WORTH it! I love how everything looks together and it definitely screams WEEKEND. 

Pictured is two amazing girls dressed up in patterns and bright colours. Every head turns when they walk by and for good reason. Colours, textures and styles like that - who wouldn't?! I would. Since it's the weekend, they're heading to the latest party and surrounded by their socialite families and friends- these two are without a doubt, the limelight of any party.

I have set a challenge for myself to do 30 days of fashion illustration. Follow my journey on Instagram (@stickgirlproductions | Tag: #sgpfashionillustration) and read about the art here on the blog!