Fashion Illustration: MULAN


SGPFashionIllustration: Mulan (1/09/2020)

"Tell me, underneath my armour, am I loyal, brave & true?" -Christina Aguilera. 

This song has been on repeat since I found out about it. Something about it speaks to my soul - the desire and search to find yourself, principles and belief. I call it my new #warriorsong. A reminder to always be loyal, brave and true to myself.

EXCITED! If you don't already know, the new Mulan movie drops in only a few days. Inspired by the song and one of my favourite Disney movies of all time, I knew I had to draw Mulan. Also, I think it was time to draw some costumes and what better start to draw Mulan. The brave warrior who dressed as a man to take her father's place in the war and brought victory. 

This piece took me 1hr and 30m to complete. All done digitally and inspired by the movie poster. Added the dragon (Mushu) as a background and completed with foil layering. I'm quite sad that there will not be a Mushu in the movie but it's okay, Mushu will always continue to live on in my heart too.