Fashion Illustration: Role Model


#SGPFashionIllustration: Role Model (28/8/2020)

"Remember that there is a little girl watching who wants to be just like you."

Day 3/30 and my inspiration comes close to heart - twinning outfits for a mom and daughter. Something I look forward to when I knew I was going to have a daughter. Today my daughter and I both cherish wearing similar outfits. This piece is for the amazing moms who love getting dressed with their mini-me's.

This post took 30minutes to draw and colour digitally on Procreate. Went with fewer colour variants to keep the piece cohesive and wanted to make it less matchy-matchy with a hat. This is also something my daughter and I would totally wear too. 

Here is a mommy-daughter pair who rocks their matchy outfits with pride. They are about to head out into the city where mommy will grab a Caramel Latte and her mini-me a special sparkly drink with mermaid tails. Then they will head to the book shop where mommy will pick up some Fashion magazines and her mini-me will get some colouring books. Then they will stop and window shop along the way before daddy comes and picks them up. 

I have set a challenge for myself to do 30 days of Fashion Illustration. Follow my journey on Instagram (@StickgirlProductions | Tag: #sgpfashionillustration) and read about the art here on the blog!