Fashion Illustration : Neon

#SGPFashionIllustration : Neon (26/8/2020)


"Never too small for BIG colours & a BIG fashion statement."

Been wanting to venture more into fashion illustration after the first time and found myself really enjoying it.

This was made completely on Procreate and fully digital. It took me 45minutes to complete and I think I found my art style for this. Loving the no skin tones and just cheeks so the focus goes completely on the clothes. 

In my head, these two are fashionista sisters who, like LittleLim, will never shy away from colour and spunky fashion items. They just came from Fashion Week with their mom and were just chilling on the street in their spunky neon streetwear. 

I have set a challenge for myself to do 30 days of Fashion Illustration. Follow my journey on Instagram (@StickgirlProductions | tag: #sgpfashionillustration) and read about the art here on the blog!