Fashion Illustration: Malaysian Colours


SGPFashionIllustration: Malaysian Colours (31/08/2020)

"We are all Malaysians. This is the bond that unites us." - Tunku Abdul Rahman

Day 6/30, today is the Independence Day of Malaysia. My home and the home of many others like me.  In honour of this amazing day, today's drawing is inspired by the colours of the Malaysian flag and the people of Malaysia. Malaysia is a very diverse country with plenty of cultures. These cultural differences influence most aspects of our lives from our food, activities and definitely fashion. In Malaysia, we have our own fashionistas and this was also an ode to them. Spot your favourite or maybe it's you yourself that you spot *wink*

This piece took a whooping 1hr and 30m to complete. The longest time I took for a fashion piece. For good reason because this is one of many first. The first with FOUR models. The first with FOUR different outfits. The first with bags. The first with FOUR long dresses. It's amazing how I pushed myself and boundaries and a reminder of why I love drawing. To test those boundaries and realise that I actually am capable of so much more when I put my heart and mind to do it. 

So the story? Four amazing fashionistas that you can find in Malaysia. Four women with strong voices, strong fashion sense and a whole lot of Malaysian love.