Fashion Illustration: Complementary


#sgpfashionillustration: Complementary (27/8/2020)

"Opposites are not contradictory but complementary."

Hello hello! Day 2 of #sgpfashionillustration and today I wanted to draw a male fashion. Also because I have a son and daughter and art is always a reflection of my life. 

Again, this piece is completely digital and done on Procreate. It took 40minutes to complete. I struggled with the little boy's hair and who knew drawing boys aren't as straightforward as it looks!

These two is are siblings, obviously. Just because one is a boy and another is a girl doesn't mean their outfits always clash. With the right colours and styles, opposites look amazing together. Being a mom of both, I know *wink*

I have set a challenge for myself to do 30 days of Fashion Illustration. Follow my journey on Instagram (@stickgirlproductions | tag: #sgpfashionillustration) and read about the art here on the blog!