A Little Reminder

Be Gentle
Be gentle with yourself. Be kind. Be patient. Be nice. 
Shower yourself with love. 
Be your biggest critic and your biggest supporter. 

Bring your own sunshine. Your own ray of hope. 
No one is responsible for your happiness, you are. 

A calm mind and a peaceful heart make a strong body. 
You are are not meant to be at war with yourself. 
Find that connection - body, mind, soul and heart. 

Courage Fire. 
You have a rare fire. A fire that burns fiercely and passionately.
You have a fire that allows you to achieve great things.

True friends are never apart. 
In the midst of COVID-19 and social distancing, remember, true friends are always near in heart.

The light shines in the darkness.
 And the dark can never extinguish it.

Fish or "yu" symbolises abundance. 
May abundance and luck always be with you.
That whatever you set out to achieve, will always be bountiful in return.