Happy Mother's Day!

SGP Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers. 

This year my digital art for Mother's Day is a special one. 
I thought about what makes a mother. The truth is, a mother is born. She is born the same time her child is born or came into her life. 
The moment she takes up the responsibility to nurture, protect, love and bring up her child - she becomes a mother. 

While the definition of "child" is limitless, the mother isn't. 
A mother nurtures, protects fiercely, gives sacrificially, loves unconditionally and is responsible for the lives of her child. 

I chose the colour yellow because yellow represents light. And mama, you are the light of your child's life. You are the voice they seek when they are lost to show the way. You are the giver of comfort and warmth.
I chose flowers to represent the femininity of a mother. Feminity is not a weakness but strength and empowerment. It's the ability to be both soft and hard - to fight for life and at the same time break down for it. For flowers are resistant and tough, but still beautiful.
I chose the circle because it's a circle. The circle of life. You were given life and you give life. 

So here's to all the mothers who have taken up such a heavy responsibility bravely and fiercely. 

Your story is not yet finished because you never stop becoming a mama.