Father's Day 2014

Hi! Wow! It's been a while >.< Sorry for the quietness on the blog. It's been a pretty busy and life-changing few weeks over here.

Been so busy that I actually forgot to post up something I made specially for Father's Day. No, I didn't forget about Father's Day. I celebrated with dad over a nice hearty buffet at Jagoya with the rest of the family. Also celebrated with the hubby's father over dinner.

I did create a design for Father's Day this year and I drew most of my inspiration from childhood memories of my sister and I. We always crawled over dad and hung by his arms and legs. It was lots of fun because dad was this big sturdy man who could handle our weight.

Also since Mom was Supermom it was only natural that Dad was also Superdad. So he too gets a cape =P

I had some feedback and some said they missed my simpler art days so I decided to tone down on the high-techy stuff for this art and make it more simpler with less shading and toning :) I hear you!

StickgirlProductions: Father's Day 2014

-StickgirlProductions: Progress shot 

Just want to say thanks to dad for all he's done for the family and being a great provider. Wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for his hard work, dedication and passion for the family. While we have had our differences, today we're in a better stronger place and I'm so glad for everything. It's been a journey and I appreciate everything he's done for us and now that I'm older, I understand that it is definitely not easy to be a parent and I know he has tried his best and hardest to do what's right for us. Thanks Dad.

Also not forgetting the Father-in-love who have welcomed me into the family and done a fine job in raising a strong, independent and capable son. Thank You for your love and care.

It may be about a month late, but fathers should be appreciated all day every day.