Yong Ling & Shee Laine

StickgirlProductions: Yong Ling & Shee Laine
I'm back and in the next few weeks, leading up to the official launch, I will be talking about some of my previous work right up to the last piece I did before I took the break to prepare for the launch.

First up is the project I worked on for Yong Ling & Shee Laine's wedding.

Yong Ling & Shee Laine, two friends who are both very dear to me and close to my heart. The both of them are the very two people who brought the hubbycat and I together (they are pretty sneaky... and awesome that way *grins*) and together they have been one of those couples we look up to for their strong relationship, their maturity, the way they both show how truly beautiful and wonderful being in love is.

They had asked me to help them illustrate the "title" pieces which were to be included in one of the feature videos shown during their wedding dinner. The video would show their growing up years from their infant years, finding each other and till their "I DOs".

So without anymore delays, here are the pieces I illustrated for one of my favourite couples in the world.

Stage One: Childhood 

StickgirlProductions: Baby Yong Ling

StickgirlProductions: Baby Shee Laine

StickgirlProductions: Childhood Hobbies, Activities & Past Times (Yong Ling)

StickgirlProductions: Childhood Hobbies, Activities & Past Times (Shee Laine)

StickgirlProductions: "We Met" The dating years 

StickgirlProductions: "Will You Marry Me?" Yong Ling & Shee Laine
Yong Ling & Shee Laine, Thank You. From the bottom of my heart. Your support, friendship and love have been a blessing and have enriched our lives tremendously. Lastly, Thank You for supporting StickgirlProductions. For letting me tell your stories through my illustrations.
Love, Ally